1. How do you get the venom from the Bees?

ANSWER Skin Therapy uses a safe modernized collection technology for collection of honey Bee Venom that doesn’t harm the Bees. A glass sheet is put onto the beehive and pulses with a very specific unipolar square wave of 40-70 microseconds with pulse separation intervals of 3-50 milliseconds. This technology has been specifically developed for the New Zealand Bee temperament as Bee’s world wide have different natures and handling needs.

When the current is pulsed on, Bees that are on the sheet automatically stick out their stingers, and the action of the muscles pushing the stinger also pumps a small amount of Venom out the end of the sting. This Venom sticks on the glass where it is collected and purified for storage.

2. Are the Bees harmed or stressed in the process?

ANSWER No, Bees are not harmed or stressed during the process of collecting Venom. Releasing Venom is a naturally released process for hive health as the Bee’s groom themselves with Venom peptides that they then place around the hive as an antiseptic. In fact, hives that have regular stimulation have increased outputs of Venom increasing hive health.

3. Are Bee Venom products safe?

ANSWER Our Bee Venom supplier has never had a reported case of an allergic reaction.

Even so, just in case, we do not recommend using the product if you have a Bee allergy. The recommendation for anyone who believes they may have any reaction potential is to patch test a very small amount of any new product either behind the ear or alternatively to apply a small amount to your wrist where you can watch for any potential reaction.

4. Can I use it if I am pregnant?

ANSWER Yes, Skin Therapy is safe to use while you are pregnant.

5. How do I use the Skin Therapy products?

ANSWER After cleansing in the morning, pat skin dry. Take a pea size amount of Skin Therapy Protective SPF 15 Daily Moisturiser, and apply to face. Apply in upward strokes over face and neck, avoiding eye area. It is a non-greasy formulation so will absorb quickly.

After cleansing in the evening, pat skin dry. Take a pea size amount of Skin Therapy Rejuvenating Night Crème, and apply to face. Apply in upward strokes over face and neck, avoiding eye area, and allow to absorb thoroughly.

6. Will I get more of an effect if I use both products?

ANSWER Yes, we recommend using both the Protective SPF 15 Daily Moisturiser and the Rejuvenating Night Crème together in your daily routine for best results.

7. Do I use the products after using a serum?

ANSWER Yes, you would use both the SPF 15 Daily Moisturiser after applying a serum if you use it in the morning, or you would apply the Night Crème last at night after applying a serum.

8. Can I exfoliate before using the products?

ANSWER Yes, it is perfectly fine to exfoliate your face before applying the products. But it is not necessary to do so.

9. What skin types can use Skin Therapy?

ANSWER Skin Therapy uses natural ingredients and is paraben free, so it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

10. Are your products tested on animals?

ANSWER No, we have never tested on animals in any form. We also require all our raw material suppliers to sign a declaration stating that to the best of their knowledge they also do not test on animals, otherwise we won’t do business with them.